Sugar Scrub Herb/o/logy Style

Sugar Scrub Herb/o/logy Style

On the eve of Halloween all was prepared awaiting guests for the sugar scrub party!  Five brave souls came to this ghoulish event to brew some fantastic skin care!

Awaiting guests

Oil station to try on different oils on their skin

First we sat down to discusse some basics involving sugar scrub formulation and ingredients. Then we tried out some oils to get a feel of them on our skin.

Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and caldron bubble

Crafting sugar scrubs

They were given two recipes to pick from then they were off, working like made scientists on their skin scrubs! Do I spy a little local wine in this picture?
Myself and my fellow brewmiester helped as needed but these ladies needed no assistence! We had partook in some wicked treats  and some equally magical raffle prizes.

Here is our class picture! We will be having another scrub party soon so stay tuned to the herb/o/logy face book page for further details!

What our participants had to say:

I am having so much fun making sugar scrubs at the herb/o/logy headquarters! ~ Heidi

The scrubs we made and prizes we won! ~ Viva

See you on the garden path!