The Art of Soap Making

The Art of Soap Making

The Making of a Salt/Brine soap.

‘Mariner’ was created for the men’s line Grit, to take care of the greasiest hands using 100% coconut oil and salt water (brine). When doing research to find the perfect de-greaser, I noticed a trend. The second or third ingredient in leading dish soap was always salt, why? Because salt is a natural de-greaser and helps boost the soaps de-greasing power.

Coconut oil is used in salt soap because it’s one of the few oils that cut through the minerals of the salt water that interfere with the cleaning ability of soap. Coconut oil soap is very cleansing and makes a beautiful sudsy bar.

Gathering the ingredients

Coconut Oil

A very simplistic recipe, oil and brine/ lye solution. Next up, colorant and fragrance oil, go into the pot. The colorant is an all natural plant called Indigo, which produces a “Blue jean” color.

Mixing the lye/brine with the Oil

I put a small part of the “batter” into a separate container for colorant to add the design on the top of the bar.

A bit of a messy process, but then poured the batter into the oval mold then let it “gel” for about 4 hours. That night I was able to un-mold the bars and put them on the curing rack for 4-6 weeks, so the bars will harden. That’s it!

Mariner salt bars!
See you on the garden path (my path is getting very chilly!:) )