Our New Soap Shop

In our third year, we have been busting out at the seams in our current location (in my house). We have been looking at different options for the expansion of herb/o/logy. A brick and mortar would be the next logical choice for us, however with the state of the things right now it seems a very risky venture. We see brick and mortars closing more often now due to Amazon and other online access stores. So, what can we do? Well, how about a mobile herb/o/logy shop?

We have purchased a 1967 Pathfinder vintage trailer. With some elbow grease and some frame work (sigh) our mobile shop will debut at the Ladies Night Out in Sycamore! It will be a work in progress but if you are lucky enough to come to herb/o/logy headquarters you will be purchasing from the trailer. It will remain stocked for your shopping pleasure!

See you on the Garden Path (where you will find the herb/o/logy trailer!)

IMG_0924.JPG copyIMG_0927