Herb/o/logy Anniversary 

Happy one year anniversary herb/o/logy! It’s been a very enlightening year! So many lessons learned and some the hard way. Number one lesson that I learned? This business is not about me! What? No one told me that one! 

One of the positive learning aspects of running any business (and number one concern) is getting to know the customer. That has been an amazing journey going from, little me’s, to a smart sophisticated person who cares for the environment, loves all things handmade and loves to give back to the community. The herb/o/logy customer is most savvy in natural products, they want to learn but want to be able to trust in the brand.

The evolution of the herb/o/logy lines has been a thrilling ride, based on customer feedback. Herb/o/logy started with three basic lines; Origins, Celebrations and Tranquility. Origins was about the original formulas of the soaps, our first ones. Celebrations was about using creative fragrance oils and colorants celebrating every day life to the holiday spirit. Tranquility (remember the business is about me?) I wanted a line full of spa experiences for bathing pleasure. 

Based on customer’s response these lines began to evolve into beautiful elegant refinements. Origins is now about essential oils and natural colorants concentrating on skin loving ingredients. Expeditions, formally Celebrations, is about frivolity and adventure from the garden. Tranquility’s line has changed products multiple times, and will continue to change as the spa industry changes.

We have added a men’s line and a Canine line, can you guess what’s in the works? 

I retired from a educational field and one thing I always believed is you can never stop learning. Albert Einstein once said “once you stop learning you start dying.” Learning makes us grow and want to extend ourselves. 

I vow to always keep learning to help the herb/o/logy customer make good choices for their skin in the most natural way possible. 

Thank you herb/o/logy customer for an exciting year, And here’s to many more!  

September Sunset in the Garden

See you on the garden path  


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