Labor Day and Soapmaking 

Labor Day and SoapThe topic I had chosen for this week’s herb/o/logy blog was Labor Day. I realized I didn’t know anything about the holiday other then we spend time with family, which is never a bad thing! So, in doing some research, I found Labor Day very interesting. The first Labor Day was celebrated September 5 1882 in New York City. It was to commemorate the plans of the Central Labor Union and to celebrate the social and economic achievements of the American worker. The holiday grew along with the growth of the labor union organizations. 

The holiday has changed focus as most holidays have to more of a “day off” celebration. Which in itself is not a bad thing, because we do tend to spend more time with our family. But let’s not lose focus of this holiday, it’s a celebration of the American worker and how far we have come. Do you realize that it wasn’t until 1863, organized by the New York Sun, that women began to collect wages owed to them? 

I have never thought of making products for herb/o/logy as a labor. I feel that is creative outlet and a way to interact with people on a much deeper level. I will be making some soap this weekend but to me it’s a labor of love! 

Spend time with your family this weekend but also reflect on the American worker and how far we have come!
See you on the garden path!

Herb/o/logy’s New Fall Team


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