We, the herb/o/logy family


When you first start a business you look to your family and friends to help and support you. I have heard conflicting stories as to whether this works or not. In herb/o/logy’s case that’s a resounding yes! Not only are they the biggest supporters but the most loyal of customers. I am blessed with such an awesome supportive group. The herb/o/logy family has grown from its grass roots to become small army.

The herb/o/logy garden party was was held last weekend. We opened our organic gardens and welcomed our customers, with wine and appetizers.  Included in the evenings entertainment was the herb/o/logy’s soaps displayed throughout the garden. 

That night we launched the herb/o/logy’s skin care for Men in honor of my two sons, Josh – Grit, Will – Debonair. This was met with applause and was a resounding success. My sons were initially shy when they came out holding their respective gift boxes, but warmed up immediately, upon seeing friends and family. Instead of asking for the Grit or Debonair gift box they asked for Will’s box or Josh’s box! That’s what makes the herb/o/logy customer family! 

Thank you herb/o/logy family present and future!
See you on the garden path

“The difference between success and failure is a great team. ”

A sultry Summer evening

herb/o/logy Debonair


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