Soap Con 2015

Put a bunch of skin care entrepreneurs together in one room what do you get? Talk of world domination – not really, just a whole lot of fun, and lots of networking. Kenna and her posse from Modern Soapmaking @mordernsoapmaking put together this past weekend’s learning fiesta, which was chock full of all-star presenters and soapmaking fun.

We were all somewhat giddy around these leaders of our industry (ok, I was).  We posed for pictures with our heroes of the soaping world, tweeted countless informational tidbits, swapped knowledge around the lunch tables, and celebrated what we all enjoy the most – entrepreneurial skin care.

The business track was filled with current information on social media, sales, and leadership excellence.  By honing my business skills, networking, and expanding my social media presence, I have found better ways to create and bring herb/o/logy to you – the clients!  I am always looking for ways to expand herb/o/logy’s growth, whether it be in my gardens, in the soap lab, or in the internet

See you on the garden path!


Kenna @amathiasoap


Donna Maria @INDIEbusiness


Anne-Marie @brambleberry


Danielle @OutlawSoaps


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