We get so busy trying to buy presents, plan events and schedule family get together’s we lose track of what’s truly important.

I believe family and friends make the holidays bright.

I celebrate every other year in Florida with my family. Most of my northern friends and family ask “how can you stand it, without the snow, it’s not Christmas?” Most times I answer “I am used to it, I have done it all my life!” This year I thought maybe it’s not about the weather or traveling but the family.  On Christmas day we could not go to the beach as we always do but sat and talked all afternoon. Maybe as I get older I realize how important family is and I don’t need the action packed vacation we have had in the past. It is so nice to just sit and talk to one and other about their lives and how they have changed.

I can honestly say the best gift I received this season was to just sit with friends and family and realize how truly lucky we all are!

As I sit and write this blog I am watching the sun set on my winter garden and I wonder what life has in store for me and my family in the future!

Take some time for “you” this winter!

See you on the garden path!